French actress Audrey Tautou poses durin

Cannes, FRANCE: French actress Audrey Tautou poses during the photocall for US director Ron Howard’s film The Da Vinci Code at the 59th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, Southern France, 17 May 2006. The Cannes film festival, the world’s top showcase for cinema, opened its doors 17 May under the shadow of the Hollywood juggernaut that is “The Da Vinci Code”. That blockbuster, which opens around the globe this week, provided a rocky start to the 12-day event, attracting big-name talent in the form of the film’s stars Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou — but also scathing reviews calling its adaptation of the bestselling novel lifeless. AFP PHOTO / VALERY HACHE (Photo credit should read VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)